Course Etiquette

RCCA Rules shall govern play along with the following local rules:


    • Rake sand traps, replace divots, and repair ball marks on the greens.
    • Wear proper golf attire including flats or golf shoes.
    • Speed up play by moving off the green to tally your score.
    • Keep all carts at least 10 feet away from greens, tees, and sand traps.
  • Out of bound areas include all fences, ditches, and parking areas. Penalty – 1 stroke.
  • Water hazards include all lakes directly in front of the tee areas on the 10th and 12th and on the left of the 13th hole. Drop the ball 2 lengths from the point of entry but not nearer the hole. Penalty – one stroke.
  • For other problems including unnatural hazards, staked trees of wrong greens, drop the ball one club length, but not nearer the hole.
  • For ball striking power lines, replay with no penalty.
  • All persons on or about the premises of Mylora Golf Course or any other facilities assume all risk of injury to themselves and all liability to others for their acts while on the premises.

​Management reserves the right to refuse admission or revoke golfing privileges.

No outside alcohol permitted on the course.