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About Mylora

Located in beautiful Richmond, BC, Mylora Executive Golf Course hosts regular league play, tournaments and a variety of private and public events. Our par 57 executive length course is ideal for golfers of all skill levels.

Mylora has been open for more than 40 years. We are honoured to be a part of the Richmond community and look forward to the next 40 years of providing exceptional golf and unparalleled service.

Discover our holes

Hole 1

Hole 1 – 268 yard par 4

This opening par 4 has an open, generous fairway, but watch for the pin placement as you may have to carry to the back of the long, narrow green. Read the green well and be happy with a strong par to start your round. 

Hole 2

Hole 2 – 123 yards par 3

This short par 3 can play very tricky so watch the tops of the trees for wind direction. Watch for the sand on the left and know everything on the green slopes to the middle.

Hole 3

Hole 3 – 138 yard par 3

As with the previous hole the next stretch of holes will have wind come into play. More often that not, you may need to club down, watch the tops of the trees. A large welcoming green makes this a good birdie hole. Don’t get fooled by a red flag placement as there is a false front on this green.

Hole 4

Hole 4 – 188 yard par 3

  This hole can play as long at 192 yards so know your yardages. This green is on the smaller size for accepting a long iron shot so be sure to get that ball up and ride the winds. Par on this hole is a great score.

Hole 5

Hole 5 – 133 yards par 3

Now is the time for a legitimate birdie. Watch for the pin placement as the undulations on this green can catch you out.

Hole 6

Hole 6 – 315 yards par 4

Be sure you line up your tee short with this tricky, narrow fairway. A slight dog leg left ball placement is very important for your second shot. A tee shot right, will put trees into play and on the left, trees can make your second shot very tricky. The green slopes back to front, know your club selection and stay below the pin.

Hole 7

Hole 7 – 130 yard par 3

Nicknamed the “Valley of Death” this hole can be rather cruel with anything hit to the right of the green. Go left and you are in the bunker. Be accurate and know this green slopes right to left when putting.

Hole 8

Hole 8 – 112 yard par 3

Did you know that our 8th hole has recorded more hole in ones that any other hole?! This hole has bunkers on both sides of this back to front sloping green. A tricky green will have you feeling great about your birdie

Hole 9

Hole 9 – 127 yard par 3

Finishing the front 9 with water coming into play, sand on the left and a massive back to front sloping green you need an accurate tee shot to give yourself a chance at par. Anything right will get wet.

Hole 10

Hole 10 – 147 yard par 3

After grabbing a drink and hot dog you are starting off with a bit of water and a green that gives the best putters fits, be happy with a par.

Hole 11

Hole 11 – 139 yard par 3

Playing back into the wind you may need to grab an extra club. Another tricky green with a back to front sloping towards the water on hole 12.

Hole 12

Hole 12 – 181 yard par 3

Before you climb the stairs be sure you have the right club. Wind once again comes into play on the long par 3. The right side of the hole is danger, everything on the green will funnel to the middle.

Hole 13

Hole 13 – 153 yard par 3

Remember hole 11? Add a extra club or two and swing away into the wind. A very tricky green once again sloping to the front with water and a bunker coming into play this is a good test of accuracy.

Hole 14

Hole 14 – 126 yard par 3

A very inviting and large green this will still test your putting skills. Like most of the greens on the back 9 you need a hot putter to make par.

Hole 15

Hole 15 – 154 yard par 3

Hole 13’s sister with the right club this should be a makeable birdie hole. Keep your shot on the right side of the green to make your putt easier, regardless of pin placement.

Hole 16

Hole 16 – 110 yard par 3

A straight forward par 3, this time keep that ball on the left side of the green and below the hole, a birdie chance awaits.

Hole 17

Hole 17 – 130 yard par 3

You are almost there, a strong birdie hole before your par 4. Everything slopes to right to left if you are below the hole.

Hole 18

Hole 18 – 263 yard par 4

 This finishing hole presents a wide straight ahead fairway. Be sure to stay below the hole as this green can give you troubles, finish strong and join us for a bevy!